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Family law is a broad term that encompasses all issues involved in the marriage and family context. Some of those issues are considered their own areas of practice, such as Divorce, Child Custody and Support Issues, and Premarital and Posmarital Agreements and Estate Planning. I deal with all legal aspects of marriage and family relationships. 


When a married couple decide to formally end the marriage relationship, they must file for divorce. Texas law has specific requirements that my office can help walk you through so that you can end that relationship properly. At the time of divorce, all property obtained during the marriage by either party should be awarded to one person or the other. One reason to file for divorce is that in Texas a person cannot marry again without that first marriage being dissolved. One reason for hiring an attorney is to make sure ALL assets are divided properly and the marriage is properly ended. I am able to assist you in every aspect of a Divorce case. 
Furthermore, my office can assist you in any modification and enforcement needs that you may need after the divorce.